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Forward, Assist, 3 Points!


Be with the BEST, be with BALIUAG UNIVERSITY

What do you consider as the best contribution of BU to you?

– Being a student/scholar of BU for [the] 9 long years, “Sa BU pa lang, sanay na kami sa sistema. Sa review center nga, kilala na ‘yung BU, isa na sa mga inaabanagan every year.

– “Kapag maganda ang foundation… ‘yung review, nagiging review talaga. Hindi ‘yung parang noon ka pa lang mag-aaral.”

Do you have any pre-board exam ritual?

– Hmm. Actually, you don’t really need any kind of regimen. Study hard and let Him take care of the rest. The whole time of review… which we have stayed in Manila, I attended masses regularly, every Thursday in St. Jude Parish and every Sunday in Quiapo church. Then, on the day before the exams, I attended [mass] in Quiapo church and thrived my way to the parish priest to have all my stuffs for the exams to be blessed (including the envelope, pen/pencil, rosary and scapular).

– I diligently studied hard in my 5 years at BU and in the review. So, the rest goes to Him. On the day before the exams, my friends and I decided to take a breather from the reviews [already] and instead, go church hopping. We visited 7 churches. Then, that night as well, we prayed all together.

When did you realize that you were actually CPAs already?

– It took a while. *chuckles* On the day of the exam result release, I was actually scheduled for a job briefing. I was in a pool of job applicants. The other applicants were in suit and tie, while I was just in polo shirt, denim jeans and rubber shoes. Imagine?! I was in the firm when my cell was literally flooded with messages, but, by that time, I still don’t want to believe the news of me being 6th placer. Then, suddenly, personnel from the firm’s HRD asked me so casually, “James, alam mo na ba ‘yung balita?” There, told myself, “That should confirm it.” So, the rest is history.

– I was literally on eye-freeze on the net that day of the exam result release. We have this friend at an auditing firm (the auditing firms get to have the results hours earlier than public release), she texted me about the results. Thing is, I don’t have any cell load that day!! Seriously. *laughs* I was not able to text her back, instead, get ahead with SNS. Then, in just a matter of minutes after the results were officially released by PRC, flood of warm congratulations and all jerk in my FB account and cell.

Any advice for the future BU CPAs?

– Improve every day. Give yourself a reason to study hard more. And, most importantly, owe everything to Him.

– “Personally, I believe na ‘yung mga susunod na batch sa’min, mas magagaling talaga.” Also, being included in the roster of topnotchers is beyond your control, it is given to you. Don’t pressure yourself too much, live a life.








Get to know Baliuag University’s Mr. P as he opens up a whole new different side of him.

How it started?
BU Advocates in 2009. It was totally accidental! They were, at that time, recruiting newbies. One moment, my group was just passing by the org’s office when my crazy friends push me off inside by the door, then, Voila! I am already being screened! Then, I was chosen, became a member of the org… Guess, that’s where it all started. Exposure!

I could vividly tell you all my fond childhood memories, but, one stood out best. It was the 1st time I experienced people joined hands for me. 6th Grade when I join a contest and won 1st, my school treated me at Jollibee. I got chicken and spaghetti then, on the glass panel beside us, there was this group of street children… I don’t know, I just got out and shared my food. When I looked back inside, they were like “Ang galing naman nung bata…”

My dad is a Muslim and my mom is a Christian – growing up, dealing with that fact is a challenge. My classmates used to tease me about that, a lot.

I used to draw. : ) In my early years in college, I joined two or so poster making contests. It was sort of my artistic outlet that time; I don’t know what happened through the years? Haha!


Very Human
Seeing the reality of life, I used to think of joining all sorts of talent searches out there. My goal is just to win a house and lot for my family to have a decent home to stay at.

Why BU?
Before, I had high hopes in Metro colleges/universities because I thought of the network. But, later on, it came to me that it’s not about the school. After all, it would be about what a person you have become.

Marketing is something I want to do in the long run. I think of marketing professionals as “jacks of all trades”.  But, later on, I want to serve the public, like in the government, specifically in the Department of Tourism.


Standing Out
Ever since I was exposed to school activities thru the BU Advocates, opportunities in joining several regional or national model student searches came one after the other. At first, I would just like to have a banner of myself to be posted along the campus, but, later on, it has been a calling – like, what I am really suppose to do apart from my professional career, Volunteerism and Leadership.

If you aren’t a marketing graduate now, what do you think would you be?
I think, I’ll be a PBB alumnus. Haha! Seriously, before the start of School Year 2009, I auditioned in PBB Teen Edition, underwent the screening process, experienced sleeping in the streets of ABS-CBN Compound and I was like just a step closer to being officially a housemate when my grand mom stopped me and advised me to finish schooling first.