College of Nursing Parents’ Day Successful


The first organized parents day hosted by the College of Nursing was successfully held. The activity which was held last February 15, 2013 at the University Hall was in line with the 88th Foundation Anniversary of Baliuag University. The first ever “Araw ng mga Magulang” saw a number of parents in attendance as they interacted and participated in the activities.

During the welcome remarks given by the Executive Vice President. Dr. Patricia Lagunda, the parents and guardians were brought up to the date with the status and activities of the university. She also mentioned some of the things the administration is doing to give its students the best start to their future.

There were lively interactive sessions during the discussion by the Director of Student Affairs and Guest Speaker, Mrs. Esperanza Balatbat. The main theme of her address was on parenting tips and family values in which parents gave their views on what could be done to improve parenting and have a better rapport between them and their children. Mrs Balatbat encouraged the parents to bring up their children with true values of life. Practicing well defined family values helps set the foundation for a strong, cohesive family.  A well built foundation and consistent family values are vital in building dependence and confidence in each family member she added.


Araw ng mga Magulang


In the address by Dean Elizabeth Roxas, parents were given information regarding the College of Nursing as well as the activities their children are engaged in while in school and Clinical areas. She also urged parents to support their children so that they can perform better while students were advised to focus on their studies and be mature in their attitude.

During the break, the parents were involved in a number of games and Cha-cha dance that were fun and inspired bonding and friendly competition among parents. Participants who won received BU Souvenir items.
According to the coordinator of the activity, Mrs. Maria Lourdes Policarpio, all of the objectives were met and the faculty and staff are looking forward for the next session.

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